Crassula ovata – Money Tree, Jade Plant, Friendship Tree, Lucky Plant, Dollar Plant


Scientific Name

Crassula ovata (Miller) Druce

Common Names

Money Tree, Money Plant, Jade Plant, Jade Tree, Friendship Tree, Lucky Plant, Dollar Plant, Pink Joy


Crassula argentea, Crassula portulacea, Crassula obliqua, Crassula articulata, Crassula nitida, Crassula lucens, Cotyledon ovata, Cotyledon lutea, Toelkenia ovata

Scientific Classification

Family: Crassulaceae
Subfamily: Crassuloideae 
Genus: Crassula

Crassula ovata


Crassula ovata is a large well-branched, compact, rounded, evergreen shrub, 3 – 6 feet (90 – 180 cm) tall with glossy, dark grey-green, oval, succulent leaves and rounded heads of white to pink star-shaped flowers in early spring. The stem is stout and gnarled and gives the impression of great age, and its branches are also short and stubby but well-proportioned. Branches are succulent, grey-green in color and in older specimens the bark peels in horizontal brownish strips. The leaves are  up to 2 inches (50 mm) long and up to 1 1/2 inches (38 mm) wide, egg-shaped to elliptic, often with a red margin and a somewhat pointed end. They are in opposite pairs, the one pair arranged at right angles to the next, and they are clustered towards the ends of the branches.

Growing and Care

Easy to grow in container, best in full sun but will tolerate part sun. It need well-drained soil with a neutral pH. Water regularly form spring to autumn… – See more at: How to Grow and Care for Crassula ovata.


Crassula ovata is a popular good luck charm in Asia thought to activate financial energies. This beautiful succulent has vibrant green leaves symbolic of growth and renewal, closely resembling jade coins, symbolic of wealth and prosperity… – See more at: Jade Plant for Good Luck, Prosperity and Friendship.

Jade Plant is recommended for warts in folk remedies. A leaf is cut open and the moist flesh is bound over the wart for a series of days. If the treatment is successful, the wart falls off after prolonged exposure… – See more at: Uses of Jade Plant in Folk Medicine.

Subspecies, Varieties, Forms, Cultivars and Hybrids

Crassula ovata ‘Gollum’
Crassula ovata ‘Hobbit’
Crassula ovata ‘Minima’


Native to South Africa.


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