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How to Repot a Large Cactus

When the cactus roots reach the edge of the container, you must repot a large cactus. With attention to detail and by following expert recommendations…


How to Repot a Large Jade Plant

To repot large Jade Plants be sure to have all of your supplies ready in early spring as the Jade Plant starts to show new growth. Spread out a layer of…


How to Repot a Cactus

When it's time to repot a cactus, look for a container that's about 2 inches (5 cm) larger than the one the cactus is currently in. If the container is too…


How to Raise a Saguaro Cactus

Raising a Saguaro Cactus is extremely easy, as they requiring only infrequent supplemental watering after planting. Dig a hole with a shovel in the…

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