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Succulentopedia Pfeiffera boliviana

Pfeiffera boliviana

Pfeiffera boliviana, also known as Lepismium bolivianum or Rhipsalis boliviana, is an epiphytic cactus that grows as a hanging mass of many-branched…

Succulentopedia Disocactus nelsonii

Disocactus nelsonii

Disocactus nelsonii is an epiphytic cactus with green or reddish stems, much branched and erect at first, then later hanging. The primary…

Succulentopedia Selenicereus validus

Selenicereus validus

Selenicereus validus is an attractive cactus with pendant, rope-like stems that branch at the base. Stems are up to 16 inches (40 cm) long…

Succulentopedia Rhipsalis elliptica

Rhipsalis elliptica

Rhipsalis elliptica is an epiphytic cactus with flattened, succulent stem segments. The segments are elliptic, green and turn rich coppery…

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