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Haworthia fasciata: A Plant Used to Protect People from Witchcraft Attacks


The witches and sorcerers are people who are believed to have the mystical ability to harm others and can; become possessed by evil spirits, change shape, use medicines to harm and send agents/animals to do evil deeds. Witchcraft is a force to be reckoned with and protected against in the lives of many Southern African Bantu-speakers. The trans-human (spirits and magic e.g.) is not perceived as an intangible, abstract concept but is considered to be a powerful force that can be used to manipulate outcomes, for the good or bad.

There is commonplace selling of protective plant charms that are believed to thwart the malicious intents of others who are sometimes believed to be witches. Often such witches are people who are jealous of others success. One example of a plant that is used to protect people from witchcraft attacks is Haworthia fasciata that is grown around the homestead.



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