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Tulista is a small genus of succulent plants endemic to South Africa. They were formerly included within the genus Haworthia. A revision of Haworthia caused the subgenus Robustipedunculares, the 4 largest Haworthia species, to be moved into the newly created Tulista genus.

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Succulentopedia Tulista opalina aka Haworthia opalina

Tulista opalina

Tulista opalina, formerly known as Haworthia opalina, is an attractive, slow-growing, and rare succulent that forms rosettes of fleshy…

Succulentopedia Tulista kingiana aka Haworthia kingiana

Tulista kingiana

Tulista kingiana, formerly known as Haworthia kingiana, is a small succulent that forms stemless rosettes of bright green to yellowish…

Succulentopedia Tulista marginata aka Haworthia marginata

Tulista marginata

Tulista marginata, formerly known as Haworthia marginata, is a rare, slow-growing succulent that forms stemless rosettes of erect to…

Succulentopedia Tulista minor aka Haworthia minor, Tulista minima or Haworthia minima

Tulista minor

Tulista minor, also known as Haworthia minor, Tulista minima or Haworthia minima, is a small succulent with a stemless, usually solitary…