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10 Aloe Vera Myths


1. You can only use Aloe vera on the skin as it helps with skin problems.

Fact: You can drink Aloe vera. You can also put it on the inside of your mouth to get rid of sores and mouth ulcers. Drinking it is very beneficial to your health. It is very good for controlling blood sugar as well.

2. Aloe is only good for sunburn.

Fact: Aloe vera is good for all sorts of illnesses. Yes it is good for sunburn, but it has a lot of other uses as well.

3. You have to have an illness to drink Aloe vera.

Fact: Anyone can drink aloe. Even if you are completely healthy. In fact aloe helps to boost your immune system so you are less likely to catch colds and flu.

4. The best way to use Aloe vera is fresh from the plant.

Fact: Aloe fresh from the plant goes off very quickly. You would have to use it immediately in order to get the benefits. Aloe products that have been processed are designed to last longer.

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5. The whole leaf is better than just the inside.

Fact: The rind of the plant does not make any difference to the effectiveness of the Aloe.

6. Powdered and Aloe capsules are just as good as the drink.

Fact: Powdered and aloe capsules have been over processed. Some of the goodness is in the liquid part of the plant.

7. You should see results quickly when drinking Aloe.

Fact: Like all natural products it takes a while to feel the benefits. You will have to take it for at least 2 months to notice any difference.

8. All Aloe plants are the same.

Fact: There are several different species of Aloe. Some of them have no healing properties at all. The Aloe vera plant is the one that needs to be used.

9. Aloe vera tastes disgusting.

Fact: It is an acquired taste. There are several different flavours of Aloe vera on the market and there should be one that will suit your taste-buds. Also once you drink it you will find that it starts to taste better.

10. All brands of Aloe vera juice work in the same way.

Fact: You will need to check the ingredients list on the bottle to see how much Aloe vera it actually contains. If Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis) is the first ingredient on the list you can be sure that you will get the benefits. If Aloe vera is too far down the list, you might as well just drink water as you will hardly get any benefits at all.



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