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The family Cactaceae (cactus, cacti) is divided into four subfamilies (Pereskioideae, Opuntioideae, Cactoideae and Maihuenioideae), around 125 – 130 genera and 1,400 – 1,500 species of flowering plants with succulent (water-storing) stems.

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Succulentopedia Blossfeldia liliputiana (Blossfeldia liliputana)

Blossfeldia liliputana

Blossfeldia liliputana, also known as Blossfeldia liliputiana, is the world's smallest known cactus. Its species name is a reference to the imaginary…

Succulentopedia Rebutia heliosa

Rebutia heliosa

Rebutia heliosa is a small, slow-growing cactus with spherical to shortly cylindrical stems densely covered in brown areoles with short spines. The stems…

Succulentopedia Cleistocactus samaipatanus

Cleistocactus samaipatanus

Cleistocactus samaipatanus is a columnar cactus, up to 5 feet (1.5 m) tall, with lime green stems that have 14 to 17 ribs and pale gold, up to 1.2 inches…

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