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A Guide to Creating a Succulent Garden


Creating your own succulent garden is a lot of fun and much easier than you might expect. Here's an easy guide to becoming a green-thumbed succulent expert in the comfort of your own home.

Choose Different Types of Succulents

Succulents come in many varieties of striking shapes and textures to suit every taste and achieve your desired look. These low maintenance water-savers are sturdy enough to experiment using different combinations, so don't be afraid to choose different types of succulents for your garden. Here are some of our favorite succulents for outdoor gardens:

  • Rosettes: The evergreen leaves of rosettes form a unique flower-like aesthetic and are a popular choice for a groundcover.
  • Flowering Succulents: There are many types of succulents that contrast their green foliage with beautiful blooms in various colors.
  • Cacti: The thick trunks of cacti can add some tree-like density to your desert oasis. Be careful to plant this succulent away from areas where the kids may play—the thorns are sharp!

Mix and Match Succulents

Try and mix new combinations to let your inner landscape artist shine. Once you choose your succulents, get out a pen and paper to sketch out your ideas first. Take a look at websites like Pinterest or Houzz for inspiration. You can also place plants next to each other in their planters before you plant to see which textures and combinations play nicely off each other. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Try laying rows of groundcover succulents, such as Autumn Joy and rosettes, in your entryway. Plant these amidst garden rocks to create a Zen-like pathway to your front door.
  • Mix different color blooming succulents in your backyard to experience a kaleidoscope of color come spring.
  • Use cacti and Agave americana on the outer wall of your garden to act as a gate and give you privacy.

Expert Care

Your succulents need just the right amount of water. Knowing just the right amount of water to give each of your succulents will keep your plants living longer and healthier in the long run. The hardy plants typically need water only once per week. Your plant will show you if it is drinking the right amount, which can vary depending on the time of year and if you live in a humid or dry area.

  • If you are overwatering, the plants can easily rot and lose their petals.
  • If you are underwatering, the petals will get that shriveled "prune" look.
  • Always water your succulents less in winter months when there are less sunlight and more rain.
  • If you live in a humid area, water your succulents less often.

Succulents like just the right amount of bright filtered light. When planning where to create your succulent garden, make sure the spot has bright filtered light without direct sun for long periods. Your succulents will also show you if they need more light or if they are getting a little "sunburned."

  • If your garden is getting too much light, the leaves will get white or brown with burned-looking spots. If you see this, move the plant to a place with less light.
  • If your garden is getting too little sun, the plants will lose their color and stretch out, as if they are reaching and looking for light. If this happens, pinch the leaves back to their normal height and move them to a spot with more sun.



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