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Curio is a genus of succulent plants that belong to the Asteroideae subfamily in the Asteraceae family. The genus Curio is one of the newly described genera, and contains about 20 species, all formerly in the genus Senecio. The genus name is derived from the Latin "curiosus", meaning "curious".

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Succulentopedia Curio muirii aka Senecio muirii

Curio muirii

Curio muirii, formerly known as Senecio muirii, is a small succulent shrub with erect or creeping stems and flat, egg-shaped leaves with…

Succulentopedia Curio archeri

Curio archeri

Curio archeri, formerly known as Senecio toxotis, is a small succulent with usually flattened leaves concentrated near the top of the erect…

Succulentopedia Curio hallianus aka Senecio hallianus

Curio hallianus

Curio hallianus, formerly known as Senecio hallianus, is a small succulent with fleshy, erect or inclined leaves on stems that creep along…

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