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How to Divide and Propagate an Aeonium


Aeoniums are succulent plants, meaning they hold their nutrients and water supply in their leaves. They resemble flowers with no leaves because their foliage is so ornate. Dividing and propagating Aeonium is easy if you know what steps to take and what to use.

Determine is Division is Necessary

Propagating Aeonium requires only cuttings, but when you are both propagating and dividing an Aeonium, you will have to cut through the root as well. This is necessary when an Aeonium becomes too large for its potted or landscaped home. If it is, it is time to divide it. If not, you can just choose to propagate a cutting in this same manner without cutting the root.

Take Out Aeonium

The first thing you should do is to remove your Aeonium from its pot so you can take a cutting/division from it. Tip your plant on its side in its container and thump the bottom with your hand to loosen it. Then, pull the plant out from its soil and shake the dirt loose.

Decide Division Point

To divide an Aeonium for propagation, pick a branch that seems to go right into the root. Begin the division at the crux of that stem and the rest of the root. Remember, you do not want to cut through the entirety of the taproot, just the part that lines up with the rest of the stem.

Make Cut

Aeonium can handle being cut with metal if the shears or paring knife is sterilized and free of germs that can cause infection in the membranes of the plant. For this reason, you should boil your paring knife or dip it in alcohol to allow it to dry completely before using the knife on your Aeonium. Once you figure out the place where you intend to divide your Aeonium, place the sharp edge of the paring knife right at the crux of the plant, and cut down. Try to keep the cut straight. You should now have two pieces of Aeonium, one being the parent plant and one being the divided propagate.

Plant Cutting and Repot Parent

The last thing you need to do is to repot the parent plant and plant your Aeonium cutting. Do this just like propagating. Simply fill a pot with very well-drained succulent mix soil, dip the cutting and parent plant in rooting hormone and then put the Aeonium division into the mix. It is the same for the parent plant, as well.

You can walk away from your Aeonium and check on it every few days or so to make sure it meets its environmental demands.



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