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How to Control Fungus Gnats on Your Succulents


While gnats might not be as dangerous as other pests on your list, they can be a serious annoyance and can make having an indoor succulents frustrating. If you water your succulents too much, the gnats will flock to it and start breeding. They don't bite, but they do procreate en masse, which is super gross. They'll try to live in your plant and will emerge any time you are undertaking any kind of succulent care.

How to Control

A good way to prevent fungus gnats from congregating and making babies is to top your soil with decorative sand, glass chips or bonsai-quality lava rock toppings. This will cover the layer of soil that can be an attractive damp place for breeding.

You can effectively keep gnats at bay by coating your succulents regularly with organic bug killer.

Make sure you let the soil around your succulents dry out completely between waterings. When things are dry, the gnats have no place to lay eggs and any eggs or larvae that do exist will die off.

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Check the soil and under leaves to see if there are any clearish white eggs. If you see any of these, scoop them out right away and spray with a natural pesticide. Be careful not to use too much pesticide, but you do want to do your best to make sure all the adults, babies, and eggs have been killed.

Use yellow sticky traps. They are designed to attract and capture a variety of insects. You lay the sheets onto the soil surface and the gnats get stuck to them, then you can remove a bunch of adults before they're able to lay eggs.



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