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5 Easy-Care Mini Succulent Garden Ideas


Succulents are wildly popular with beginning gardeners and seasoned horticulturalists for good reason. They come in a dazzling diversity of forms, colors and varieties and don't need to be fussed over with frequent watering. Potted up as patio accents or living centerpieces, succulents in containers can enhance your living spaces inside and out. Here are 5 ideas to help get you started.

1. Green Centerpiece

Lasting much longer than cut flowers, succulents planted as a green centerpiece can add interest to a room for years. Choose a shallow container and plant with a variety of small-scale succulents like Echeveria, Sedum and Sempervivum. Cluster your containers for greater impact.

While it's never recommended to plant in a container without a drainage hole for outdoor use, you can get away with it for low-water indoor container displays of succulents. Just remember, you'll need to be diligent about watering frequently but lightly, never allowing the soil to get soggy. To set your plants up to thrive, position your finished centerpiece in an area of the room that receives bright, indirect light.

Easy-Care Mini Succulent Garden Ideas

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2. Jewel Box

Like a bowl of jewels or brightly colored candy, a container with a variety of colorful succulents crowded together is irresistible, tempting visitors to get a closer look. Start with a neutral-colored container and then plant a mixture of succulents together, keeping the spacing tight. Anchor larger ones like Echeveria and Chalk Dudleya (Dudleya pulverulenta) toward the center, allowing Sedum to trail over the edges. As succulents grow in and become more crowded, gently break off the succulent "pups" to use in other containers or areas of the garden.

Easy-Care Mini Succulent Garden Ideas

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3. Living Screen

The tiered planting troughs were constructed using wood boards lined with pond liner (punctured with drainage holes) to prevent rotting. Easy-care succulents are a great choice for living walls and difficult-to-reach vertical applications, given that they're drought-tolerant and need little care. Here, the designer used a mix of Aeonium 'Sunburst', Purple Rose (Aeonium arboreum var. atropurpureum) and trailing String of Pearls (Senecio rowleyanus).

Easy-Care Mini Succulent Garden Ideas

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4. Long Lasting Rosettes

Set in a tabletop container in an outdoor living room, Blue Rose Echeveria (Echeveria x imbricata) looks as decorative as a bouquet of flowers. Native to Mexico, Blue Rose Echeveria has a chalky coating over silvery-blue to pale pink and purple rosettes. It is much tougher than its appearance might suggest and needs only occasional water once established.

Easy-Care Mini Succulent Garden Ideas

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5. Minimalist

Keep it simple by planting a single variety of Sedum, like Golden Sedum (Sedum rupestre 'Angelina') in a low bowl or a trio of shallow containers. Arrange the trio down the center of an outdoor table or along a sunny windowsill inside the house. Bright green Sedum looks just as fresh and spring-like as moss but is far less fussy to grow, needing only occasional water to thrive.



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