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Succulentopedia Sedum jurgensenii

Sedum jurgensenii

Sedum jurgensenii is a small succulent shrub with a woody base and erect to trailing, up to 28 inches (70 cm) long flowering branches that…

Succulentopedia Agave inaequidens

Agave inaequidens

Agave inaequidens is a monocarpic succulent that forms a short-stemmed rosette of light green to yellow-green leaves. The rosette grows up…

Succulentopedia Echeveria xichuensis

Echeveria xichuensis

Echeveria xichuensis is a succulent that form stemless or short-stemmed rosettes of dark olive green leaves tinged purple, with transverse…

Succulentopedia Echeveria dactylifera

Echeveria dactylifera

Echeveria dactylifera is a succulent that forms a large, stemless or short-stemmed rosette of reddish to reddish-brown, slightly glaucous…

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