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A Beginner's Guide to Making a Succulent Terrarium


Succulents are easy to keep and make for a fun DIY project no matter what your skill level. So jump on the bandwagon and create your own succulent terrarium to brighten your office or home.

To make a succulent terrarium, you will need:

– Small pebble rocks for drainage
Potting soil mixture for cacti or succulents
– Sphagnum moss for filtration
– Activated charcoal for filtration
– Various succulent plants of your choice
– Moss, gravel, rocks, or marbles for decorating.

Making a Succulent Terrarium

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Making your Succulent Terrarium

1. Choose a container. Succulents can be planted in anything, from a mason jar to a glass terrarium and even a vintage tin! Have fun picking your container to suit your decor.

2. Fill it up with your ingredients! First put in the pebbles, then charcoal, followed by the moss and soil last.

3. Plant your succulents. Get creative! Do not be afraid to experiment with different arrangements.

4. Add decorative flare. Have fun with this part. Experiment with neon-hued moss and textured rocks to compliment your home or office decor.

Making a Succulent Terrarium

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5. Experiment. Succulents are extremely versatile, so do not be afraid to try out different ferns and combinations of plants. The possibilities are endless!

Tips on Caring for Your Succulents

Do not overwater your succulents. Because these are such low maintenance plants, there is only one thing that can harm them, too much water! A safe rule is to water once per two weeks until the soil is wet to touch but not soaked.

Bright, filtered light is best. Succulents are fantastic for both indoors and outdoors. Wherever you decide, make sure they have bright, filtered light while avoiding direct sunlight for long periods.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Do not be afraid to try out different types of ferns and arrangements.



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