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Succulents in a Driftwood Planter


Succulents, with their interesting shapes and marvelous textures and colors, are undemanding and easy to grow. Here is how to plant them in a driftwood or old log planter.

You can use driftwood or any piece of wood that has some age and weathering to it. Softwoods will make a faster, easier project.

Start with a crack or depression that is somewhat towards the middle of the wood. Use a gouge tool to dig it out and make more space for your plants. You do not have to dig out very much. Succulents do not need a lot of root space.

If the crack goes all the way through the wood, tuck in a piece of screen and secure it with a couple of small nails, tacks, or staples.

Fill with dirt. Use a commercial succulent potting soil, or make your own mixture.

Succulents in a Driftwood Planter

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Arrange your succulents. Go for either uniformity or as dramatic a mix of colors and shapes as you can find. If you are doing a mix, do a spike, a rosette, a silver, a green, and a purple or black. Put in your bigger forms and then tuck the little ones around the edges.

You do not need to leave them room to grow. Pack them in there like you are arranging flowers. If they make babies, pop them out and repot when things get crowded. If they get leggy, snap off the stems and stick the rosettes back in the dirt. That is it. They do not have strong roots, so they are as easy to rearrange as cut flowers.



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