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Adromischus is a genus of succulents from the Crassulaceae family and endemic to southern Africa. The name comes from the ancient Greek "adros", meaning "thick" and "mischos", meaning "stem".

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Adromischus filicaulis

Adromischns filicaulis is a slow-growing, succulent plant, usually with shiny, grey-green leaves and rust colored spots and margins. The…


Adromischus phillipsiae

Adromischus phillipsiae is a succulent with stouter stems. The small eliptical green leaves are slightly inrolled. The inflorescence is a cluster of…


Adromischus marianiae

Adromischus marianae is a perennial succulent and slow-growing subshrub, up to 6 inches (15 cm) tall. It has usually thin and short branches…


Adromischus fallax

Adromischus fallax is a perennial succulent with decumbent branches up to 8 inches (20 cm) long. The leaves are plump, paddle-shaped…