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Jade Plant – Good Luck Symbol for Business


Jade Plant (Crassula ovata) is one among many Chinese good luck symbols. You’ll often see them in Chinese restaurants and homes. The Jade Plant is actually a symbolic mimicry of the actual jade stone. Jade is considered highly valuable, and therefore very lucky – a material representing great wealth, auspiciousness and fortune and status.

Feng Shui practices encourage placing jade plants near entrances to your business or in southeast location of your home or business in order to activate financial energies. Jade Plants, like the stone, are green and (just like the bloodstone) this color carries symbolism of growth, renewal, spring time sprouting in the form of wealth in our lives.

Money may not grow on trees, but a gemmy Jade Plant might spark your mind to more lucrative thinking patterns. If nothing else, having a Jade Plant around will certainly boost your mental functions as the oxygen the plant puts out is great brain food.

Jade Plant - Good Luck Symbol for Business

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