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Agave is a genus of succulents in the subfamily Agavoideae of the broadly circumscribed family Asparagaceae. The species are native to Mexico, southern and western United States and central and tropical South America. The name of the genus derives from the Greek word "agavos", meaning "noble".

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Succulentopedia Agave impressa (Maguey Masparillo)

Agave impressa

Agave impressa is an attractive succulent that usually forms a solitary rosette of yellow-green leaves marked with pairs of white imprints…

Succulentopedia Agave potatorum 'Cubic' aka Agave 'Cubic'

Agave potatorum 'Cubic'

Agave potatorum 'Cubic', also known as Agave 'Cubic', is a unique Agave cultivar with ridges on the back of most of the leaves, which give…

Succulentopedia Agave 'Moonshine'

Agave 'Moonshine'

Agave 'Moonshine' is a succulent that forms attractive rosettes of smooth, blue-green leaves with red edges. It grows solitary or with a…

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