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Bromeliaceae is a family of monocot flowering plants of around 3,170 species native mainly to the tropical Americas, with a few species found in the American subtropics and one in tropical west Africa.

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Succulentopedia Deuterocohnia lorentziana

Deuterocohnia lorentziana

Deuterocohnia lorentziana is an attractive, terrestrial Bromeliad that forms dense mounds up to 2 feet (60 cm) tall. They are comprised of rosettes, up…

Succulentopedia Deuterocohnia scapigera

Deuterocohnia scapigera

Deuterocohnia scapigera is an evergreen perennial with rosettes of simple, dark-green leaves. The leaves are triangular, up to 10 inches (25 cm) long…