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Succulentopedia Haworthiopsis granulata

Haworthiopsis granulata

Haworthiopsis granulata, formerly known as Haworthia granulata or Haworthia venosa subsp. granulata, is a rare succulent with erect stems…

Succulentopedia Haworthiopsis woolleyi aka Haworthia woolleyi or Haworthia venosa subsp. woolleyi

Haworthiopsis woolleyi

Haworthiopsis woolleyi, formerly known as Haworthia woolleyi or Haworthia venosa subsp. woolleyi, is a small, slow-growing succulent that…

Succulentopedia Haworthia venosa

Haworthia venosa

Haworthia venosa is one of the most widespread and also variable Haworthia. It is a stemless, rosette-forming succulent up to 4 inches…