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Succulentopedia Uebelmannia buiningii

Uebelmannia buiningii

Uebelmannia buiningii¬†is a cactus with greenish to reddish brown, spherical to short cylindrical stem up to 3.2 inches (8 cm) in…

Succulentopedia Uebelmannia pectinifera

Uebelmannia pectinifera

Uebelmannia pectinifera is an attractive cactus, up to 3.3 feet (1 m) tall, with a solitary reddish-brown or green to grey-green stem with or without…

Succulentopedia Tacinga palmadora

Tacinga palmadora

Tacinga palmadora is a shrubby, much branched cactus up to 16.4 feet (5 m) tall. The stem segments are grey-green or bluish, green when…

Succulentopedia Tacinga subcylindrica

Tacinga subcylindrica

Tacinga subcylindrica is a dwarf, Opuntia-like cactus that forms dense clusters. The stems are cylindrical and has only a few occasional…

Succulentopedia Tacinga inamoena

Tacinga inamoena

Tacinga inamoena is a shrubby, much branched, often spreading cactus up to 20 inches (50 cm) tall and up to 11.7 feet (3.5 m) wide…

Succulentopedia Gymnocalycium anisitsii

Gymnocalycium anisitsii

Gymnocalycium anisitsii is a small, globular cactus up to 6 inches (15 cm) diameter and up to 4 inches (10 cm) tall. It can be solitary or…

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