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Succulentopedia Agave impressa (Maguey Masparillo)

Agave impressa

Agave impressa is an attractive succulent that usually forms a solitary rosette of yellow-green leaves marked with pairs of white imprints. Leaves are up…

Succulentopedia Echeveria pilosa

Echeveria pilosa

Echeveria pilosa is a beautiful succulent that forms rosettes of green leaves that turn reddish at the tips when exposed to full sun. Stems are erect…

Succulentopedia Pachyphytum rzedowskii

Pachyphytum rzedowskii

Pachyphytum rzedowskii is a succulent plant that forms rosettes at the tips of the stems. The rosettes are loose to compact and up to 2.8 inches (7 cm)…

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