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Orbea is a genus of succulents from eastern and southern Africa. They are closely related to the genus Stapelia. The name of the genus derives from the Latin word "orbis", meaning "circle, disc".

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Succulentopedia Orbea semitubiflora

Orbea semitubiflora

Orbea semitubiflora is a beautiful branching succulent with erect, spreading or decumbent stems that has unique purple markings or spots. Stems are…

Succulentopedia Orbea schweinfurthii

Orbea schweinfurthii

Orbea schweinfurthii is a mat-forming, succulent perennial with unusual, star-shaped flowers, yellow to brown in color, spotted with wine…

Succulentopedia Orbea hardyi

Orbea hardyi

Orbea hardyi is a creeping, perennial, stem succulent. Its worm-like stems are slightly 4-angled, pale green or grey to reddish, depending…

Succulentopedia Orbea distincta

Orbea distincta

Orbea distincta is a succulent plant with trailing, branched, pale green, grey-green, or olive-green stems, cylindrical in cross-section…

Succulentopedia Orbea macloughlinii

Orbea macloughlinii

Orbea deflersiana is a clumping perennial with short, pale green, succulent stems. In summer, the star-shaped flowers lie face-up on the…

Succulentopedia Orbea deflersiana

Orbea deflersiana

Orbea deflersiana is a succulent plant with densely clustered stems or growing in cushion-like form. The stems are grey-green…

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