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4 Ways to Design with Succulents


Succulents have become stars of the garden world over the past few years, and it is easy to see why. Water-wise, fuss-free, sculptural, colorful, and just plain cool, they are one of this decade's must-have plants. While they look amazing planted in a pot, it is easier than you may think to incorporate these plants into your garden's design. And not just in the warmer zones. If you live in a colder zone (USDA zones 4 to 7), many succulents are winter-hardy.

To get you inspired, we have listed four ways to use succulents.

1. Thrillers

Many succulents are so architectural that just one perfect specimen planted with lots of space around it makes a bold statement. From ovals and spikes to pearls and pegs, the quirky shapes of the foliage of many succulents make them an ideal choice to create a focal point.

2. Tough and Tumble Groundcovers

Low-growing varieties make excellent, colorful, durable groundcovers. They spread rapidly, are water-wise once established, offer interest in color and texture, are easy to shear back to control spill onto the pavement, and their root systems can help knit and stabilize soil such as hillsides.

Design with Succulents (Sedum)

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3. Cloaks and Daggers

Whether slipped into cracks in an old concrete wall, wedged between stones in a rock wall, or planted above and allowed to spill over, trailing varieties are a water-wise solution to disguising or dressing up blank vertical surfaces. Once they snuggle in, you do not have to do much more than trim and tidy-up as they grow.

Design with Succulents

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4. Moveable Art

Create a painterly vignette in a container by mixing various textures and colors, planted into a living wall kit for a vertical accent, or layered into a strawberry pot. Or, keep it simple and modern by tucking one killer specimen in a pot for a jaw-dropping statement that, with minimal care, will live for years to come. Your neighbors will be wondering what designer you hired.

Design with Succulents

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