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Pfeiffera is a genus of epiphytic, terrestrial and epilithic cacti. They can be found in Bolivia and Northern Argentina in rather arid areas.

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Succulentopedia Pfeiffera boliviana

Pfeiffera boliviana

Pfeiffera boliviana, also known as Lepismium bolivianum or Rhipsalis boliviana, is an epiphytic cactus that grows as a hanging mass of many-branched…

Succulentopedia Pfeiffera monacantha aka Lepismium monacanthum or Rhipsalis monacantha

Pfeiffera monacantha

Pfeiffera monacantha, also known as Lepismium monacanthum or Rhipsalis monacantha, is a slow-growing, compact, epiphytic cactus. The spiny growth is both…