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Cactoideae is the largest subfamily of the cactus family Cactaceae. It is divided into 9 tribes and contains approximately 1300 species.

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Succulentopedia Mammillaria albicoma

Mammillaria albicoma

Mammillaria albicoma is an attractive cactus that forms clumps of green stems covered with white hair-like spines. Each stem is globular…

Succulentopedia Cereus hankeanus

Cereus hankeanus

Cereus hankeanus is a rare tree-like cactus with segmented branches that arise from the main stem. It grows up to 12 feet (3.7 m) tall…

Succulentopedia Mammillaria mystax

Mammillaria mystax

Mammillaria mystax is a cactus with a globose or shortly cylindrical, flat-topped, usually solitary stem with pyramid-shaped tubercles…

Succulentopedia Cereus bicolor

Cereus bicolor

Cereus bicolor is a rare shrubby cactus that grows up to 10 feet (3 m) tall. Branches are blue-green, with 7 or 8 ribs and areoles covered…

Succulentopedia Cereus fricii

Cereus fricii

Cereus fricii is a large, tree-like cactus with a candelabra-like crown of thick, ridged branches that bear clusters of long spines. It…

Succulentopedia Cereus vargasianus

Cereus vargasianus

Cereus vargasianus is a large tree-like cactus with segmented, glaucous green branches that arise from a short trunk. It grows up to 26.2…

Succulentopedia Cereus pierre-braunianus

Cereus pierre-braunianus

Cereus pierre-braunianus is a large tree-like cactus with segmented, upright or ascending branches that arise from a woody trunk. It grows…

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