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Mammillaria is one of the largest genus of Cactaceae family. Most of the species are native to Mexico, but some come from the southwest Uunited States, the Caribbean, Colombia, Venezuela, Guatemala and Honduras. The name derives from the Latin word "mammilla", meaning "nipple" or "teat".

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Succulentopedia Mammillaria hernandezii

Mammillaria hernandezii

Mammillaria hernandezii is a small, globular, usually solitary cactus that grows up to 1 inch (2.5 cm) tall. The stem is dark green and up to 1.8 inches…

Succulentopedia Mammillaria haageana

Mammillaria haageana

Mammillaria haageana is a small, usually solitary cactus up to 6 inches (15 cm) tall. The stem is globular or somewhat elongate in age…

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