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Succulentopedia Haworthia aristata

Haworthia aristata

Haworthia aristata is a small succulent that forms stemless rosettes of dark green to bluish-green leaves with very little translucence…

Succulentopedia Echeveria 'Icycle' aka Echeveria 'Icicle'

Echeveria 'Icycle'

Echeveria 'Icycle', also known as Echeveria 'Icicle', is an attractive succulent that forms rosettes of fleshy, narrow, mid-green leaves…

Succulentopedia Tylecodon longipes

Tylecodon longipes

Tylecodon longipes is a dwarf, highly branched succulent that slowly grows up to 1.2 inches (3 cm) tall and up to 8 inches (20 cm) in…

Succulentopedia Mammillaria albicoma

Mammillaria albicoma

Mammillaria albicoma is an attractive cactus that forms clumps of green stems covered with white hair-like spines. Each stem is globular…

Succulentopedia Conophytum pageae

Conophytum pageae

Conophytum pageae is a small succulent that usually grows in clusters of many bodies forming a small mound. The bodies are composed of two…

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