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Echeveria pilosa

Echeveria pilosa is a beautiful succulent that forms rosettes of green leaves that turn reddish at the tips when exposed to full sun. Stems are erect…


Tylecodon fragilis

Tylecodon fragilis is a small succulent with few ascending branched that grow from a small tuberous base. The tuber is irregularly shaped, up to 1 inch…


Viola dasyphylla

Viola dasyphylla is an attractive perennial plant with leaves that are spirally arranged in densely imbricate, somewhat columnar rosettes. It belongs to…


Crassula 'Roger Jones'

Crassula 'Roger Jones' is a beautiful small succulent with stemless, bowl-shaped rosettes of flat, rounded, green leaves that develop a red tinge on the…


Haworthia parksiana

Haworthia parksiana is a stemless succulent that slowly grows in clumps of small rosettes. It is the smallest and possibly the rarest of all Haworthias…

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