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Rhipsalis is a genus of epiphytic cacti. They are typically known as Mistletoe cacti and most occur in Brazil. The scientific name derives from the Ancient Greek term for wickerwork, referring to the plants' habitus. Rhipsalis is one is part of the tribe Rhipsalideae within the subfamily Cactoideae of the Cactaceae. It is the largest and most widely distributed genus of epiphytic cacti.

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Succulentopedia Rhipsalis neves-armondii

Rhipsalis neves-armondii

Rhipsalis rhombea is an epiphytic cactus with elongated, much branched stems, hanging in large clusters. The branches are up to 0.2 inch…

Succulentopedia Rhipsalis clavata

Rhipsalis clavata

Rhipsalis clavata is an epiphytic cactus with narrow, cylindrical, pale green, pendent stems up to 0.2 inch (5 mm) in diameter. In nature…

Succulentopedia Rhipsalis elliptica

Rhipsalis elliptica

Rhipsalis elliptica is an epiphytic cactus with fleshy, green,  flattened, elliptical stem segments that turn rich coppery-purple in full…

Succulentopedia Rhipsalis oblonga

Rhipsalis oblonga

Rhipsalis oblonga is an epiphytic cactus with olive green or light green, semi-erect to pendent, up to 8.2 feet (2.5 m) long segmented…

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