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Haworthia emelyae

Haworthia emelyae, also known as Haworthia picta, is a slow-growing succulent that forms attractive stemless rosettes of fleshy, triangular, more or less…


Haworthia maraisii

Haworthia maraisii is a small succulent that forms rosettes of dark green leaves with small raised tubercles. The rosettes are slowly proliferous and…


Haworthia semiviva

Haworthia semiviva is a small succulent that forms a solitary rosette of pale green, translucent leaves with prominent veins. The stemless rosette grows…


Haworthia 'Crocodile Skin'

Haworthia 'Crocodile Skin' is a small succulent with open rosettes of long leaves with longitudinal rows of many prominent whitish tubercles. The leaves…


Haworthia parksiana

Haworthia parksiana is a stemless succulent that slowly grows in clumps of small rosettes. It is the smallest and possibly the rarest of all Haworthias…

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