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Tylecodon albiflorus

Tylecodon albiflorus is a small succulent shrub, up to 8 inches (20 cm) tall, with an underground tuberous stem base and 1 to 3 erect to spreading…


Tulista minor

Tulista minor, also known as Haworthia minor, Tulista minima or Haworthia minima, is a small succulent with a stemless, usually solitary rosette of…


Fockea angustifolia

Fockea angustifolia is a caudiciform plant with erect or climbing stems that grow from a large tuber. The stems are slender, woody, and up to 6.6 feet…


Crassula congesta

Crassula congesta is a small monocarpic succulent with an erect stem and usually 4 to 5 pairs of leaves. It grows up to 8 inches (20 cm) tall, usually…


Tylecodon fragilis

Tylecodon fragilis is a small succulent with few ascending branched that grow from a small tuberous base. The tuber is irregularly shaped, up to 1 inch…


Haworthia parksiana

Haworthia parksiana is a stemless succulent that slowly grows in clumps of small rosettes. It is the smallest and possibly the rarest of all Haworthias…

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