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Aloe is a genus of flowering succulent plants, native to Africa, Madagascar, and the Arabian Peninsula. The origin of the genus name is uncertain, but the most popularly accepted suggestions are that it is derived from the Arabic words "alloch" or "alloeh", a vernacular name for medicinally used members of the genus, or the Greek word "aloë", referring to the dried juice of aloe leaves.

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Aloe pembana (Pemba Aloe)

Aloe pembana (Pemba Aloe), formerly known as Lomatophyllum pembanum, is a succulent with short, erect stems and fleshy, green leaves with white margins…


Aloe vera (Barbados Aloe)

Aloe vera (Barbados Aloe) is a well-known, stemless or short-stemmed succulent with rosettes of green to grey-green leaves. It grows up to 3.3 feet (1 m)…


Aloe 'AJR'

Aloe 'AJR' is a beautiful succulent that forms rosettes of bright green leaves with red teeth and bumps. The rosettes grow up to 2 feet (60 cm) tall and…


Aloe 'Quicksilver'

Aloe 'Quicksilver' is a small succulent that forms rosettes of leaves with a striking silvery appearance. The leaves are fleshy, triangular, and up to 4…


Aloe 'Walmsley's Blue'

Aloe 'Walmsley's Blue' is a small succulent, up to 12 inches (30 cm) tall, with narrow, blue-green leaves tightly packed in a rosette. The leaves are…


Aloe albida (Grass Aloe)

Aloe albida (Grass Aloes) is a small succulent with long, narrow leaves and attractive white flowers. It is one of the Grass Aloes, a group of deciduous…


Aloe ballyi (Rat Aloe)

Aloe ballyi is a rare succulent that forms a slender, unbranched stem topped with a crown of long leaves. The stem can grow up to 20 feet (6 m) tall and…

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