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Aloe is a genus of flowering succulent plants, native to Africa, Madagascar, and the Arabian Peninsula. The origin of the genus name is uncertain, but the most popularly accepted suggestions are that it is derived from the Arabic words “alloch” or “alloeh”, a vernacular name for medicinally used members of the genus, or the Greek word “aloë”, referring to the dried juice of aloe leaves.

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Aloe cryptopoda

Aloe cryptopoda is a very attractive and unique Aloe with spectacular display when in full flower. It grows alone or in small group…


Aloe x caesia

Aloe x caesia is a large Aloe, up to 9 feet (2.7 m) tall, that typically branches at the base but can have a solitary trunk with very…


Aloe ellenbeckii

Aloe ellenbeckii is a small, low-growing, succulent plant up to 12 inches (30 cm) tall, that forms short clumps with many open rosettes…


Aloe ‘Donnie’

Aloe ‘Donnie’, also sold as Aloe ‘Bright Star’, is a beautiful, multicolored Aloe hybrid with rosettes of succulent leaves spotted white…


Aloe albiflora

Aloe albiflora is a small, succulent plant with long narrow leaves. They are grey-green, with many small, white spots, up to 6 inches…

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