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Asphodelaceae is a family of flowering plants in the order Asparagales. Until 2016, the name Xanthorrhoeaceae was used for the family in the APG classification system. The family consisted of three subfamilies: Asphodeloideae, Hemerocallidoideae and Xanthorrhoeoideae. It includes about 40 genera and 900 known species.

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Succulentopedia Aloe inexpectata

Aloe inexpectata

Aloe inexpectata is a small succulent with stems that hold rosettes of blue-green to grey-green leaves with reddish teeth. It slowly grows…

Succulentopedia Haworthiopsis sordida aka Haworthia sordida

Haworthiopsis sordida

Haworthiopsis sordida, formerly known as Haworthia sordida, is a slow-growing succulent that forms stemless, usually solitary rosettes of…

Succulentopedia Haworthia rossouwii aka Haworthia serrata

Haworthia rossouwii

Haworthia rossouwii, formerly known as Haworthia serrata, is a small succulent that forms stemless rosettes of pale green to yellowish…

Succulentopedia Aloe petrophila

Aloe petrophila

Aloe petrophila is a stemless succulent that forms dense rosettes of bright green leaves with linear greenish-white lines and scattered…

Succulentopedia Aloe 'Peppermint'

Aloe 'Peppermint'

Aloe 'Peppermint' is an attractive small succulent that forms a cluster of rosettes of stiff, triangular, mid-green leaves covered with…

Succulentopedia Haworthiopsis tortuosa aka Haworthia tortuosa

Haworthiopsis tortuosa

Haworthiopsis tortuosa, formerly known as Haworthia tortuosa, is a small succulent with leaves arranged in a spiral along the stem that…

Succulentopedia Aloe 'Christmas Carol'

Aloe 'Christmas Carol'

Aloe 'Christmas Carol' is a small, slow-growing succulent that forms rosettes of dark green leaves with bright red trim and yellow to deep…

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