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Succulentopedia Aloe flexilifolia

Aloe flexilifolia

Aloe flexilifolia is a succulent shrub with many branches that arise from the base to form large clumps. Branches can be either stout…

Succulentopedia Echeveria 'Azulita'

Echeveria 'Azulita'

Echeveria 'Azulita' is a succulent that forms small rosettes of icy blue leaves with powdery coating and attractive red tips. The rosettes…

Succulentopedia Tylecodon hirtifolius aka Tylecodon hirtifolium

Tylecodon hirtifolius

Tylecodon hirtifolius, also known as Tylecodon hirtifolium, is a low, sparingly branched succulent shrub with spreading to decumbent…

Succulentopedia Haworthiopsis viscosa aka Haworthia viscosa

Haworthiopsis viscosa

Haworthiopsis viscosa, formerly known as Haworthia viscosa, is a succulent with a distinct trifarious arrangement of the leaves. It grows…

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