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Agave pintilla

Agave pintilla is the smallest species from the Agave victoriae-reginae complex. It is an attractive succulent that forms compact rosettes of triangular…


Aloe bussei

Aloe bussei is a succulent that forms a cluster of attractive stemless or very short-stemmed rosettes. Leaves are lance-shaped, at first erect, then…


Tylecodon atropurpureus

Tylecodon atropurpureus is a succulent plant with underground caudex that split at the apex into 2 to 6 short branches. The swollen tuber is oblong, with…


Viola sacculus

Viola sacculus is a perennial plant that forms attractive rosettes of spirally arranged, semi-succulent leaves. It belongs to the group of Rosulate…


Tulista pumila var. sparsa

Tulista pumila var. sparsa, formerly known as Haworthia sparsa, is a slow-growing succulent that forms small rosettes of triangular leaves with much…

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