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Avonia quinaria

Avonia quinaria is a dwarf caudiciform plant, usually deep-seated and flush with soil surface in habitat. The caudex is turnip-shaped, fleshy to somewhat…


Mammillaria theresae

Mammillaria theresae is an attractive, small cactus up to 2 inches (5 cm) tall. The stems are subglobose to cylindrical, olive green with…


Avonia papyracea

Avonia papyracea is a dwarf, perennial succulent with several slender branches radiating from a tapered rootstock or basal caudex, wholly…


Hoya pachyclada (Wax Plant)

Hoya pachyclada – Wax Plant does not vine, it is much slower growing than almost all other Hoyas. Stems are usually short and densely clothed with very…

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