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These succulents are rated USDA Hardiness Zone 7b. They can tolerate cold down from 5 to 10 °F (-15 to -12.2 °C).

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Succulentopedia Viola trochlearis

Viola trochlearis

Viola trochlearis is an annual or short-lived perennial that forms dome-shaped rosettes of soft, semi-succulent, beautifully textured…

Succulentopedia Phedimus ellacombianus aka Sedum ellacombianum or Sedum kamtschaticum subsp. ellacombianum

Phedimus ellacombianus

Phedimus ellacombianus, formerly known as Sedum ellacombianum or Sedum kamtschaticum subsp. ellacombianum, is an attractive succulent that…

Succulentopedia Viola tectiflora

Viola tectiflora

Viola tectiflora is a small, stemless annual or short-lived perennial that belongs to the group of Rosulate Violas. It forms rosettes, up…

Succulentopedia Viola montagnei

Viola montagnei

Viola montagnei is an attractive stemless perennial plant that forms rosettes of green, semi-succulent leaves with reddish midrib, veins…

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