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These succulents are rated USDA Hardiness Zone 10b. They can tolerate cold down from 35 to 40 °F (1.7 to 4.4 °C).

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Crassula 'Roger Jones'

Crassula 'Roger Jones' is a beautiful small succulent with stemless, bowl-shaped rosettes of flat, rounded, green leaves that develop a red tinge on the…


Haworthia parksiana

Haworthia parksiana is a stemless succulent that slowly grows in clumps of small rosettes. It is the smallest and possibly the rarest of all Haworthias…


Echeveria 'Valentine'

Echeveria 'Valentine' is a beautiful succulent that forms large rosettes of burgundy-colored leaves with lighter red margins. The leaves are heart-shaped…


Tylecodon buchholzianus

Tylecodon buchholzianus is a small, winter-growing succulent shrub with a swollen stem, irregular in shape, and many erect to spreading or rarely…


Haworthiopsis pseudorigida

Haworthiopsis pseudorigida, formerly known as Haworthia tortuosa var. pseudorigida, is a small succulent with dull green to brownish-green leaves that…


Viola coronifera

Viola coronifera is one of the Violas with leaves arranged in a rosette. It is an attractive perennial plant with solitary or few to several rosettes of…

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