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Rebutia is a genus in the family Cactaceae. They are found in the hills and mountains of Argentina and Bolivia. The genus is named after a French cactus grower, Monsieur P. Rebut.

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Succulentopedia Rebutia steinbachii

Rebutia steinbachii

Rebutia steinbachii is a clumping cactus (rarely solitary), readily forming, especially in cultivation, clumps of many heads…

Succulentopedia Rebutia canigueralii

Rebutia canigueralii

Rebutia canigueralli is a slow growing clustering cactus that may forms clumps of many heads. The stems are small, grey-green, green to…

Succulentopedia Rebutia heliosa

Rebutia heliosa

Rebutia heliosa is a small, slow-growing cactus with spherical to shortly cylindrical stems densely covered in brown areoles with short…